About us

Blue Owl Library and Learning Center is a place where young people can come to learn English from native speakers, to take part in special events in English, and to borrow from our large collection of English books.

Our primary mission is to foster enthusiasm for the English language in a stress-free environment through conversation, play — and books. Located in the small village of Loužnice in north Bohemia, we aim to become a hub for anyone who has a desire to learn or improve their English and to deepen their understanding of anglophone culture and literature.

Blue Owl offers group English lessons during the week, from preschool age through secondary school. On occasional Saturdays, we turn into a community center for kids of all ages (adults are welcome, too), holding a range of events in English — from story hours to holiday celebrations, music workshops, even the occasional theater performance. Come join us!

Wise birds flock here.

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